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Mg Alloy Processing Technology

Researcher academic leader: Haiyan Jiang


    In this research field, the casting and plastic forming process of magnesium alloy were numerically simulated and some references such as choosing force and energy, designing tool and die, and controlling process parameters were provided for our real experiments. The filling and solidification process during die casting, low pressure die casting, squeeze casting and gravity casting process of magnesium alloy were simulated. The melt flow field, temperature field, liquid-solid interface shape, residual stress and its resulting deformation were achieved. The casting defects such as cold traps, gas volume, shrinkage, cracks were predicted. The process of high speed extrusion, isothermal rolling, differential temperature deep-drawing, and bending of magnesium alloy were numerically simulated. Their temperature, stress and strain fields were obtained. And their fracture failure behaviors of the material were predicted.



Simulation of Filling Process                                 Analysis of Air Entrapment



Simulation of Solidification Process                    Simulation of Deep Drawing Process

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