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Shanghai Enigineering Research Center of Magnesium Materials and Applications

Shanghai Engineering Research Center of Magnesium Materials and Applications, approved by the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, was established in September 2009. As a research and development base of magnesium-based new energy materials, it mainly focuses on the design, preparation and industial research and development of advanced magnesium materials.

 The center has 18 staffs, including 4 professors, 7 associate professors, 10 researchers with Ph.D degree, and 4 senior researchers returned from overseas. Its research interest includes the design and forming of advanced magneium materials, the design and preparation of Mg based energy materials, and biomedical Mg alloys. The center has many advanced facilities for materials preparation and characterization, for instances, Plasma Metal Nanopowder preparation apparatus, Simultaneous thermal analyzer, Gas-solid Phase Reaction Apparatus and Electrochemical workstations. Advanced analytical methods and technologies, such as the first principle calculations, X-ray diffraction, synchrotron radiation, neutron diffraction and high resolution transmission electron microscopy, are also used to characterize new Mg alloys and to develop new preparation technologies. The center has made its own contribution to the national economy by providing with light, healthy and energy-saving new materials and related technologies. The center laied great emphases on cooperation and exchanges both domesticly and internationally, such as the learning-research-production program with SAIC, BYD, Huawei and other large enterprises. In addition, international collaborations have been established between the center and the General Motors R & D Center, the University of Michigan, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Tohoku University in Japan, and University of British Columbia in Canada. Through student exchange, collaborations and publication of high level papers, the R & D capability of the center has been dramatically improved. Up to now, the center researchers have published 32 papers indexed by SCI, and received one first prize for technical innovation in Shanghai and one second prize for technical invention from the Ministry of Education.

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