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The monthly newsletter March, 2014


Shanghai Engineering Research Center of Magnesium Materials and Applications News Dispatch

Vol. 1 2014(1th Jan. 2014 – 31th Mar. 2014) Publish 28th monthly (28th Mar. 2014)

SJTU-Changshu Automotive Lightweight Technology Research Institute Established

At 16th Jan. 2014, Shanghai Jiao Tong University – Changshu Automotive Lightweight Technology Research Institute has signed the contract at School of Materials Science and Engineering in Minhang campus of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. This research institute is co-founded by NERC-SJTU and CUSTP, aimed to carry out technology development in automotive materials and processing, technology transfer, enterprise incubation, technical services and personnel training in Changshu. The establishment of this research institute will promote the development of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the automotive industry of Changshu.

Nanostructured bulk Mg + MgO composite synthesized through arc plasma evaporation and high pressure torsion for H-storage application






Energy materials research laboratory corporates with Institute National Polytechique de Lorraine,using severe plastic deformation,to provide a new method to prepare the nanostructure Mg + MgO bulk nano-materials - Plasma arc method and high pressure torsion. This investigation provides a new thought and method for the preparation of high performance nano structure Mg base hydrogen storage material. The research is published in Materials Science and Engineering B 2014, 183, 1-5 (SCI, IF=1.846). Paper link.

2014 Teacher appreciation banquet in Energy materials laboratory





In this spring, it is a season for gratefulness, sowing hope and benediction。All members of Energy materials laboratory had a dinner together at Gu Dao Cun Luo Hotel at 15th March 2014.

Academic Report in Energy Materials Laboratory 2014(Structure Group)



Persistent,Serious,Science,Progress,are the goals of the academic report of energy materials laboratory. The academic report is held at 2:00 p.m. every week. Reporters are:Ran Chen、Yafeng Chen、Lifang Cheng、Yun Ji、Li Li、Shengyong Li、Xiaoyin Shi、Shiyi Wang、Tingting Zhen、Liping Zhou.


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