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Laboratory Security Meeting of Energy Material Research Lab Held Successfully

Laboratory Security Meeting of Energy Material Research Lab in 2013~2014 school year was held at Meeting Room 507 of Materials Building B at 2:00 p.m. on 29th October, 2013. All members of Energy Material Research Lab attended this meeting. This meeting was presided by Wu Xiaomei, Prof. Xiaoqin Zeng was the keynote speaker and Teacher Zhou Liping minutesed it.



 The meeting agenda was constituted of three parts:

1. Teacher Wu, the meeting moderator, reiterated the importance of Laboratory security and talked about a few ideas in terms of on duty, the management of outside members, and the training of proper use of the instrument.

2. Prof. Zeng gave some key comments and took all members back to the Lab accident which had happened in School of Material Science and Engineering and Light Alloy Forming Center. Meanwhile, he also gave several instructions on the treatment of Lab accident and appointed Chen Xi as Lab safety supervisor who should trace the Lab accident.

3. At the second half of the meeting, all members discussed about the treatment of waste dangerous powder, the training and use permission of instruments and reached a consensus.

This Lab security meeting obtained a successful end at 4:00 p.m. At present, the post-meeting work was well under way.

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